JK Series Autumn Old School



The Top8 is set! After Swiss rounds Orb-Flipping and attacking with Thallids, eight players move into the Single Elimination stage:
Mathias Helmbold, Julian Nazarenus, Lucas Schad, Jerome Alsoufi, Leif Kaehler, Tobias Bus, Tim Stutzer, Jan Schulze


Mathias Helmboldt Winner of JK Series Autumn Old School with Derelor!


More pictures from the event:

The Old School Stock of JK-Entertainment. Visit us at any European Magicfest/Grand Prix in 2019 and many other events.

Sindbad, on the one of its adventures for complete Urza Tron creates enough card advantage to be a contender for Top8.

The situation for Sindbad Tron looks desperate. To get out of the ‘Blood Moon lock’, our hero needs a Chaos Orb, and nothing else than Chaos Orb

We got it! We got it! Play Orb. Use Orb. Assign Target Blood Moon. Flip Orb. Win the game!

Oh dear, the most important Chaos Orb Flip of the day. Is it a hit?



The presence of Ivory Towers was remarkable. It’s a card that gives “cheap” Aggro deck a difficult time, even if they draw all four Strip Mines.

Jerome’s Gloom ensures Leif has no option to deal with Tetravus.

Julian vs. Mathias. This match is won by Julian. In the finals, the two local champions meet again, this time in favor of Mathias.

Our youngest player, Lucas who started playing with Kaladesh (2017?) pacifies Alex’s Brothers of Fire




I’m not always being played in Old School. But when I do, I destroy all lands.



Despite using an individual ruleset for Old School, the JK Old School Rules, events like  still bring EC and Swedish players together. Old School is life & love. There’s no use to insist on a specific ruleset and play only that. Enjoy playing the old cards, that’s what counts.

Some more impressions of the Top8 matches.


The artist of the City of Brass prize cards, Anna Messer hands the Autumn City … in a bottle to our winner, Mathias.



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